Exciting New Beginnings

So I’m excited.  Bernina came through and replaced the original Bernina 880 Plus with a new one.  I will get it either Tuesday or Saturday next, depending on several factors.  So I have been working on preparing to start a new show quilt, which is my Mom’s memory quilt incorporating her pieces of crocheted lace I found in her work basket and have held on to for the past 20 years.  It’s time.  I have completed the design, which really took me days and days and days, and have printed it out full size and taped it together (that’s a project, believe me).  It is one of my biggest…59″ x 59″ and will be satin and dupioni and include painting and beads, and ……well, we will see as I go along.

I will also finish my appliqued bed quilt I started a while back using a Sue Nickels pattern I bought from her at MAQF a couple  of years ago.  And clothes…I have tons of fabrics for fall, winter, and early spring clothing and the best patterns I kept from my pattern pruning when I reorganized my studio.

I also have to complete the sampler for my fall workshop on embellishment.

Sew let the sewing begin!   Did I say I am so excited?

Sew happy everyone.  It’s time to start sewing for fall, winter, Christmas, and next year’s shows.

2 thoughts on “Exciting New Beginnings

  1. Terry says:

    I look forward to watching your progress with your memory quilt of your mom’s crocheted lace!

    • Terry, It has actually been a great thing to take the time to plan this quilt. I even made more corrections to the design yesterday, and then I found the piece of fabric I was hoping to use is not big enough, so I ordered a new piece. Looking forward to starting the construction of the quilt. Mom was such a magical seamstress, though she never did quilting. I once saw her make a fabulous silk uneven plaid dress in muted grays in a pattern that did not recommend plaids. They matched magnificently and it was a gorgeous dress. She made many of my clothes and gradually passed that activity to me as I became more proficient from her teachings. Such a brilliant woman with many accomplishments who inspired me and encouraged me. It is a joy to make a quilt in her honor.

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