Happy Thanksgiving and Other Things

Hi everyone.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and my readers.  I was thinking about it the other day as I was pressing a section of the (seemingly never-ending project) overcoat.  I dug out my special pressing things I have had for years for use in making clothing…my ham, my sleeve pressing board, my shaped wood pressing piece.  I haven’t used them for a couple of years and I am grateful I did not get rid of them because of that.  I am grateful for my machines and my wonderful inspiring studio, no matter that it is a bit of a mess.

My thoughts today are also with those who have lost so much in recent disasters both hurricanes and fires.  I  just want to hug you all and wish you all a speedy  and full recovery.  I am trying to figure out the best approach for helping.  I don’t have a lot of cash to contribute and I know rushing to send stuff is sometimes more of a problem than a help in the end.  For now, I’m doing some praying and watching for what, if anything, I can do.

Sew how is my overcoat coming?  Well, I have completed the outer shell and am almost finished with the lining that includes the fur collar.  To me, the biggest challenge is getting that fur collar installed in the coat.  Sewing with this thick fur is not the easiest thing and requires some special techniques even it if is “faux” fur.  I think that will happen tomorrow afternoon or Monday.  Then I will be practically done except for hems and buttonholes, so it is looking like I will make my Thanksgiving deadline.  After that…back to quilt making and book writing, and I am looking forward to it.  The coat has been more of a project than I anticipated largely because of the challenging fabrics.  The fabulous wool is, nevertheless, loosely woven in a way that closely resembles hand woven fabric.  the fur collar is fabulous faux fur, but sewing with it is also challenging.  Nevertheless, I will be happy to have this beautiful coat.  It is going to be a little snug, but since I am in the process of losing weight I think that is the way it should be fitted at this time.  It will serve me well for several years even as I go down in size (I can move the buttons and I made the sleeve/side seems such I can take them up fairly easily).  My next fashion sewing project will be with well-behaving fabrics!!!

Sew happy everyone!  Have a wonderful time this week!




2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and Other Things

  1. Terry says:

    I picked up a coat pattern from the free table last week. You inspired me to try to make one. It’s been a long time since I tailored anything and I did not possess many tailoring skills when I used to sew my wardrobe. I have several pieces of pretty wool so . . . . . .maybe next year though! 😉

  2. So happy to hear that. Take your time. One step at a time. Add shoulder pads if the pattern doesn’t have them. A light weight narrow bit of interfacing (I use 2 inches) across the coat hems. It makes them hang better. And one secret is to put the sleeves in (if the seams match) before stitching the side seem and sleeve seam, then stitch in one long seam from bottom of sleeve down the side of the coat. It makes putting in that sleeve so much easier and allows for size adjustment later, if needed. You can’t do that if you have two piece sleeves, but those are also beautiful. Otherwise, it is just like making a shirt only out of different fabric. 😀

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