Studio Revamp: Throw Away, Give Away, Keep…Repeat

Now that I have ordered my Bernina Q20, I have to prepare a place for it by mid June.  This is a pretty big project, because it involves reorganizing my whole upper level, starting with my bedroom and master bath (there are drawers in there).  I have to eliminate one of my two dressers from my bedroom, move the Koala cabinet where I use my alternative machines into my bedroom where the dresser is now, and finish up with some reduction of fabrics and other assorted junk and a good vacuuming and dusting.

So I have begun by cleaning out the dresser I intend to keep, and I found a whole big black bag of old work things to toss and a bag of things give away in that dresser.  I no longer wear panty hose, business tops, and skirted suits except on very rare occasions.  Back when I worked, wore these everyday.  Now my “uniform” is a long sleeved shirt or top, a pair of jeans, and socks and shoes. So I will keep a few business dress outfits and get rid of the rest.

I have fashion fabrics in under bed storage boxes.  These are currently out in the room and need to be sorted and put back.  There you will find some lovely woolens, silks, and other dressy/business fabrics.  I will probably keep a few and give away the rest.  Every now and then I want to sew some clothing, but I don’t need that much and the clothes I want to make are different for me now.

I should have done this right after I retired in January 2012, and, in fact, I did a little, but I was still attached to things, thinking I would wear them, but I haven’t at all.  I now think they look dowdy, no longer match my coloring, (I have let my hair go natural, with lots of gray and it looks a little blond), and I have a different life style altogether.  So I will be able to do this without a problem…just a lot of work.  And in the end, I will be much happier with my bedroom as well as my studio.

Then if I have time before the machine gets here, I am going to prune my stash down so it all fits in the generous storage units I have for them and give the studio a good cleaning.  My taste in quilting fabrics has changed over the past few years as well.

Sew happy everyone!  Is it time to spring clean your bedroom and studio?  When done well, it helps the work flow for a long time, I think.

4 thoughts on “Studio Revamp: Throw Away, Give Away, Keep…Repeat

  1. Ann says:

    De-cluttering and de-stashing goes hand in hand w/ a new machine. It was for me too when I put my Sweet 16 into my house. Isn’t it amazing what fabrics and stuff we find and what is not so important anymore? I look forward to this next chapter for you! You have been growing and growing ever since you retired! It’s been fun and educational watching your growth!

  2. Terry says:

    Decluttering, organizing has been on my list for years. I start, make a little progress and then get side tracked. Maybe this next start will have better results. Kudos for you. Pruning isn’t easy!

    • Terry, It isn’t easy is it? So far, I’m making good progress though. You just have to be willing to throw kind of worn, used, or odd stuff away. and only give away things you don’t want that are in really good shape. I just got three big black plastic bags full for trash and two big white bags ready for giveaway. I still haven’t gotten to my closet yet….lots of stuff….but it is mostly stuff I wore to work and is kind of worn. That last two years or so I did not get or make new things because I knew I was on my way to retirement. Once I finish all this I might make myself a couple of special new items to wear to shows or church that reflect my artistic side more than would have been appropriate at my old job. 😀

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