Finishing Projects That Produce Happy Moments

Yesterday my son David A. Tatum released his third novel, which is really the second book in his ongoing “The Law of Swords” fantasy series In Forgery Divided.  I’m a proud mom and happy reader.  It is currently available at Amazon for Kindle ereaders and will show up over the next few days in other formats.  In about three or four weeks, his print version will be available from Amazon.  His books are beautifully written and well researched (yes, writing a fantasy novel requires research on history and other points…history of building, roads, clothes, food, and on and on).  They have been well edited.  So take some time out and read his books.

In Forgery Divided cover

I, too, am about to complete a long-term project–my Waiting…2 quilt (I’m considering what to name it now).

I love the actual quilting of a quilt.  It reminds me of reading an exciting book by a favorite author in which I really want to know what happens next, read as much as I can find time for, and feel just a little let down when I finish the book because there isn’t anymore of the story.  I’ve gotten the sky and sea quilted, except for adding the Angelina Fiber wave crashes and sprays.  I have completed quilting the woman and the little girl, and gotten the  cliffs done.  Sew I’m thinking I will finish in the next day or two.

It is a wonderful blessing that we are both able to do these things.  It is my hope and prayer that David’s books will sell well. This is his chosen career.  He has no other, and his books are wonderful. It is my hope and prayer that my quilts will be well received at shows, in the quilting and art communities, and elsewhere.  This is my chosen retirement career.  We both work to bring joy, refreshment of mind and spirit, and just plain fun to others.  David works to bring money to support himself, too.  So I would sew appreciate your prayers for our success, and your buying of his books.

Sew happy everyone.  May your projects be happily finished and bring happiness to you and others.