An Extrordinary Present

This year for my birthday (Mar 3) my oldest son Ken and his wife Beth gave me a most extraordinarily delightful present…a set of fabrics, a box of fabulous Superior threads, a stack of reference books, and some digital design elements that all related to a quilt he designed for me to make in one of my main quilt series.

I am not going to share the design or the making of this quilt with you all until it is completed and has made its debut on the show scene, but trust me when I say it is a most wonderful design.

He knew I was casting around trying to find my next design in this series, and I have discovered in recent years that he is a really good artist.  This design is well throught out with Beth’s excellent consultation, extremely beautiful and challenging.  I hope I will be able to do it justice, but I will certainly do my best effort.  I am most decidedly touched that he thinks I can make such a quilt and that they made the effort to pull this whole package together for me.

I felt like a little girl when I saw the extent and nature of this present…I opened the box and listened to his explanations, and found a magical treasure.  It came with a digital to-scale design with some of the details pulled out and prepared in scale for me to use in digitizing small elements of the quilt in my Bernina v7 software.  Extraordinary!

Sew when I get this quilt finished and it has had a debut, sometime later this year, I will share the making of it with you on this blog.  I plan on taking lots of pictures, and keeping extensive notes as I construct it, so I can later put it together into a series of blogposts.

My tentative target date for this is sometime in August (his birth month), but that is likely to be too early, so we will have to see.

In the meantime, sew happy everyone.