Famous Quotes 2 of 3: Impossible?

If you read my post from yesterday you will see that I have accepted the challenge from my friend Marla (thank you again, Marla).  If you haven’t, I’ll wait a bit while you go back and read it………………..So, you see the challenge.  😀

Today I pass the challenge to my friend Jenny Lyon, a very busy quilter who writes a delightful blog about her work:  Quilt Skipper  I would be pleased if she can accept this challenge (see last post for “rules”).

I love working in fabric, threads, and fabric paints for my medium for creating art.  I also enjoy making simple quilts for use around the home and giving away that are not in the art quilt category.

Recently, I have divided my professional quilt making into wall quilts that are simply fun to make and MAY end up as a show quilt but I won’t be unhappy if they don’t, and the more complex and challenging art show quilts that are specifically FOR show quilts.  I needed to do this because some of my show quilts are really really challenging and I need some less so for psychological purposes. 😀

In thinking about the quilts I have planned for 2016 these two quotes from Walt Disney come to mind:

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. and

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

 There I go again, bending the rules a bit…2 quotes instead of one today.  😀

Sew happy everyone…let’s go make some magic and do the impossible, or simply get started.