Playing With Digital Drawing Programs

I upgraded my Corel Painter to Corel Painter 16 about a month ago and had run into a problem with it not behaving well.  Working with Corel tech people I finally got it running right and it is so much fun.  I also took a class from Corel Painter Master Aaron Rutton on drawing Nebula using the program.  This class came with a bunch of his brushes he developed, and the class was really good.  You had to stop it and go back to Painter and do the next step, and then go back to the video and watch it…it worked well though.  Here’s a little design I worked on to make sure the program is really working right.  It has so many possibilities for me to use to make my own printed fabrics.  This took me only about 15 minutes to make using the kaleidoscope function within the program.

stars and butterflies

And here’s a line drawing I drew with the kaleidoscope.

kal design 1Sew happy everyone.  If you have Corel Painter or other similar drawing program, draw a design and send it to me at and I will post it on my next blog unless you ask me not to.  Cheers.