Neglect Not the Gift…

I was just reading the fascinating story of how Andy Weir ended up having his book “The Martian” that started as a self-published blog series end up being produced as the coming movie.  Mr. Weir recently quit his day job to become a full-time writer.  One of my quilting friends recently posted this video about Master Penman Jake Wiedmann on facebook.  I also have been observing my son David, who is a sci-fi/fantasy writer, working hard to complete his third novel by early October so he will hit the peak time that people purchase novels (we have discovered timing for a book launch is very important in its overall performance).

A vision and a passion comes to the creative spirit, which I think we all must have in some direction, that must be either supported or trampled down.  Personally, I believe it is a gift from God and comes in many forms.  My mother used to tell me that I had many talents and that it would not be a pleasing thing to the Lord if I were to ignore them.  It always seemed like permission to go do what I wanted to do in the first place.  I think about her the most in the fall.  Her birthday was Nov 26th and she particularly loved the fall.  She pointed me to several Biblical passages for me to contemplate about this.  And yes, I do not think one has to always have a religious theme in one’s work to be doing what He wants us to do.  His spirit pours through regardless.  Here are just a couple of the verses my Mom gave me.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  (Eph 2:10)

Neglect not the gift that is within you. (1st Timothy 4:14)

Sew it is with real joy that I finally got over my creative funk I had earlier this year and also to have been able recently to return to near full-time “work” in my studio now that summer is over. September always seems to me the beginning of a new work year.  My studio is on the third floor of my medium-sized town home here in Ashburn, Virginia, and it looks out over the back yard and the small woods that backs up to the property.  Today is sunny and sparkly and I will spend some time outside today.  I have often thought it would be fun to take my small Bernina 350 out back and do some outdoor sewing, but truly, that is not very practical.  Things would blow around.  I would get distracted. So I am happy that I have such a nice view from my studio window.

Sew happy everyone!  This week if you are fortunate enough to be attending Pennsylvania International Quilt Festival in Philadelphia, you can see “Sky Horse” and “Kanazawa Memories” there; and if you are attending AQS Chattanooga, you can see “Canterbury Silk” there.  Cheers.