Starting a New Quilt

I am beginning a new quilt in my “Waiting…” series.  I love my original quilt “Waiting…” but there are many things about it I would change today if I were remaking it.  Rather than remaking that quilt at this time, I decided to make a similar quilt with multiple changes.

The new quilt will still have a woman waiting at the side of the sea looking to see a tall ship bringing her lover home to her.  The ship will be a different clipper ship, the woman, whose hair will still be blowing, but more styled, will be in the nineteenth century rather than the eighteenth.  She will be standing on a rocky coast.  Their will still be a wave constructed from traditional storm-at-sea blocks.  The proportions will be slightly different, and the borders will be either narrower or no borders at all.  I may have a small, not-very-detailed light house in the distance on the rocky side.  And finally, I will paint a new sky similar to the one I have in the original quilt, but slightly more stormy and maybe with some lighting.

Here’s the original “Waiting…”:



I’m working on the woman, which to me, is the hardest part of this quilt.  Here are a couple of sketch starts, but the end result will be very different even if I use one of these for a pattern:

Woman looking to sea_001woman 2_002

The sketch is primarily a pattern. I will be appliqueing different fabrics for the clothes, and thread painting the hair. I will probably do a digitally painted face and hands that I print on fabrics.

Sew let the fun begin!!! I have the sky fabric all set up ready to paint. I will paint the sky in Setacolor fabric paints all watered down onto a damp prepare for dye fabric.

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    • THanks Terrie. Nice to hear from you again. I think I do too. I probably will tweak both of them a bit more. I may draw another one, and make two appliques and choose the best one. 😀

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