Peppered Ikebana Quilt: Putting It All Together

OK all…I have made all the appliques (sort of) and am ready to put them onto the Sashiko background.  I must confess, the background came out so pretty I am sorry to cover some of it with the moon and Ikebana arrangement, but it is going to look fabulous….at least I think it will.  I embroidered the whole thing because I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted the Ikebana arrangement, and the Ikebana arrangement ended up fighting with the background, so I am adding a larger moon than I originally intended.

flower 5 for applique_001

I worked it all out with paper cutouts and have just printed the flowers onto Electric Quilt Printable fabrics.  They came out vibrant and beautiful.  I still have to back the flower prints with fusible web and cut them out carefully.  I did finish the moon from Peppered Cotton and the Japanese Ikebana Vase from an interesting piece of what I believe to be hand dyed silk dupioni that I purchased some years ago from the old G Street Fabrics remnants table.

placement for the moon...the moon will cover all the blocks behind it.

placement for the moon…the moon will cover all the blocks behind it.

Sew I hope all my friends on Facebook that “liked” my picture of the background will still like the quilt when they see how much of the background is covered with the appliques.   Even though I kind of regret covering/removing those blocks, I think the result will be worth it.  What do you think?

And about another thing….Almost no one ever comments on my blog.  I would really love to hear from you.  Please feel free to comment.  I only remove the obvious spam that occasionally shows up.

Sew happy everyone!!!


4 thoughts on “Peppered Ikebana Quilt: Putting It All Together

  1. ANN says:

    Hi Betty Jo,Are you going to applique the moon and cut away the back so the under fabrics don’t show thru? Then you would little left of the shashiko to use on something else! It is fantastic! Love seeing the progress of your quilts! They have been very helpful to me!

  2. Beth-near Louisville KY says:

    I think you are mad to cover/cut out any of the backing… but we all do what we must for our ‘art’.

    The lack of comments I think is Internet wide these days. There are so many blogs, and people are reading (looking) at so many that if they took time to comment they would be there all day. I don’t get many on mine either, although many do visit!

    • Thanks Beth. I got the moon on and the backing cut yesterday. Today I got the flower arrangement fused on. I personally think it looks magnificent. You are probably right about the comments. Cheers.

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