A Marking Test on a Project Sample

I am continuing to work on my book Ten Skill-Building Projects for Bernina V7 Software. I have eight of the ten projects worked out and written, and so I thought I would start testing them and editing the writing as I go. I must say that I have learned a lot myself in this process.

Anyway, One of the projects that uses the kaleidoscope digitizing tool is a little color wheel wall quilt. The user can decide to make just the color wheel or make it a little larger and add a free motion quilted border. I made a sample of this project last week and marked it heavily with Crayola Washable markers on my white fabric. I ended up ironing it before I washed it out also. Here is the little quilt all marked up. Now I have long used these markers for quilts I am going to wash (I am not in any way affiliated with this company…I just want to pass on my own recommendation for marking).

Color Wheel Marked and Finished

And here it is all washed and ready to hang on my wall (It’s whiter than the picture).

Color Wheel after marking is washed

I just hand washed it out in warm water in my sink and blocked it. If you are going to wash or even just soak your quilt for blocking, I recommend this for marking your quilts. As you can see the marks washed out completely. Crayola washables are cheap compared to markers designated for this purpose, and readily available, at least in the United States. You can really see them. They don’t come back in temperature changes either. The only drawback is that the mark may  not be as narrow as some other markers, though there are some finer pointed ones that aren’t too bad.

Sew happy everyone. Have a wonderful week.