Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! May 2015 be one of your best years ever, and God’s blessings be upon you.

Do you have some quilt related resolutions or goals for the new year? I have several quilterly goals. I call them goals because I think they are much more attainable than “resolutions” which seem black and white…you do it or you don’t…success or failure…whereas a goal has measured steps you can take toward it and eventually reach it or change it as you develop understanding and abilities.

So my primary quilt-related goals this year include:

  • Solid improvement in my actual quilting.  My quilting is ok now, even better than average, but not as good as I want it to be.  This will be something I work on a lot this year.
  • Completion of two books I have begun writing and the patterns and videos that accompany them…one on applique and one of surface design
  • Share what I learn as much as possible.
  • Make some money from my quilt skills.
  • Complete several new show quilts.
  • Make several quilt projects just for fun and charity.

I know this seems a lot, but they interrelate and merge, and I believe it is possible and will provide me with a lot of fun.

Sew happy everyone!  Teach someone to sew or quilt in the new year…yourself, your child, your crazy uncle, your dog or cat.  😀  Happy New Year!