Whan That Aprille: Machine Applique

Fused and Ready to Stitch

Fused and Ready to Stitch

I have all the appliques cut and fused down. They are made from silk/cotton blend Radiance that I purchased at a quilt show. The appliques are tiny with little pieces, so I was able to do all of them from the 10 inch squares I bought in a collection of colors. I even have enough left to do a second quilt like this.

I love doing machine stitched appliques both fused stitched raw-edge, like I am doing here, and turned edge, machine stitched. Since these are so tiny with complex edges, I decided on the stitched-raw edge for this quilt. The stitch I use depends on the look I am going for. In this case, this folk-art influenced quilt works well with the blanket/applique stitch. Note that satin stitch, double blanket stitch, and some decorative stitches also work well. Here’s a little example, and I do mean LITTLE!  The flower here is a little more than one inch across.

It always interests me how I can miss problems when I’m looking at what I have done, but see them when I photograph them. I had a little tension trouble when I did the black perle cotton number 8 bobbin work at one point. I thought I had found it all and fixed it already, but here you see I missed a couple of spots:

Sew remember to use the photography test for your own work.  I’ll fix this.

I am experimenting with a new setup for my stitched-raw edge applique because it is SO SMALL and requires so much turning to keep the blanket/applique stitch at the right angle. I took an old super slider I had that was a little worn around the stitch hole and cut it so my feed dogs are exposed. I think this will help me move the quilt top around easier and more accurately. You see the disadvantage, though is I have to change thread colors a lot for this quilt, which means taking it up and putting it back every bobbin color change.  I’ll let you know if it makes enough positive advantage to use it despite the thread changes.


Sew happy everyone, and happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

6 thoughts on “Whan That Aprille: Machine Applique

  1. Ann Craig says:

    I love the red background! It does give a big bang! Love seeing you as you go along! The whole thing is so pretty all ready!

  2. Maureen ashlock says:

    Hi, I like to do the small buttonhole/blanket stitch around my machine applique as well. I also find when doing small things that my bigger machine( 830) is harder to get to the bobbin down in the cabinet so I use my smaller (630) to do my blocks. If it is on a whole cloth quilt I do it with the larger throat clearance and bigger table. Your project looks wonderful especially with the Radiance. I never gave up my smaller machine because I take it to classes. We seem to do what needs to be done to do the best for our projects no matter the time or amount of thread changes.

    • Hi Maureen, I have a Bernina 350 that I use to take with me places, and I have a wonderful old Bernina 1230. I use all three machines for different things. They are a blessing to have. I would love to see your work.

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